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Wendy Woldenberg & W² Jewelry Design

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve loved more than anything making things with my own hands. After exploring many media, I fell in love with creating jewelry. There is nothing more satisfying then seeing someone wear one of my pieces, and I have been lucky enough to enjoy that feeling since 1991.

My work is inspired by nature, oceans, textures, community, circles, and travel. I teach high school jewelry full time at Auburn Riverside High School, and every day, I am inspired by my students and their creativity and intuition.

I work mainly in silver, gold, palladium, steel, nickel silver, epoxy resin, and enamel. When possible, I use recycled metal, gems, and found objects, because the mining process tends to be unsustainable and harmful to the environment. I can re-fabricate un-worn or worn-out rings and re-set stones. This helps save the planet and saves on costs. The “green jewelry” movement is here to stay, and my ethics and actions strongly support it.

My first love is making wedding/commitment rings, because they are the only physical object a couple uses every day after the wedding is over. I work with couples to create rings that reflect their values and sensibilities, sometimes in multiple ways.

I fabricate rings from flat sheets of metal, hand-sawing out layers to make mountains, waves, and other ideas or symbols that are important to the people who wear them. I can photo-etch any image, including ones you provide me. I machine-engrave or hand stamp inscriptions on the inside of rings.

I thoroughly enjoy creating my own lines of jewelry as well as making custom wedding rings. My pieces are light and airy, allowing skin to show through, while remaining durable and long-lasting. I strive to provide wearers with a comfortable piece of handmade jewelry they will wear with pleasure and pride.

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wendy woldenberg | jewelry design | SEATTLE, WA | 206 898 8778 | wendy@w2jewelrydesign.com